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☆Careers News☆Emerald (Queensland) strawberry pruning works are start at June 23, 2008. The 54 people will aveilable. ☆Recruiting Lemon picking☆COOLTONG (South Australia) Harvest lemon are start at June 23, 2008 .Only two people available.☆News updates ☆ Town and the introduction of Kununurra page are able to attain the world heritage town. *The Link page updated. Links most welcome. * Herbs Experiences story are added.

States on a map and then click on the Job Information can be obtained.

Harvest information

☆strawberry Pruning ☆ Emerald (Queensland) strawberry pruning works are start at June 23, 2008. The 54 people will aveilable.

☆recruiting Harvest lemon☆COOLTONG (South Australia) Harvest lemon are start at June 23, 2008 .Only two people available.



Letter from Publisher

We have got mails, telephones,Mixi mails and much contacts, make a wish, etc., from many peoples since the launch site. We have been have squeal of delight from its.
We are entirely run by volunteers and we have got no any amounts of benefit.

○ I'm in Local. The Back Packers accommodations are full. I could not stay anywhere, so what can you do for me?
○ Please book the transportation insted of me.
○ Please call the farm instead of me.
○ I found the works but can not find a resident. What can you do for me?
○ Where is the nearest convenience store?

We are not available call or mail. Because, we are not your harvest agents.

The venue site is the CBD of Gold Coast.
We could not give an idea, such as where there are convenience stors in Western Australia's remote countryside from the town.

Our jobs are only provide information. We can not help you as agents.
Please use this site for you to have a good job with your understanding.


What kind of crops are there?

Many different types of harvest lists are list up in theHarvest time charts.
Basically a big harvest towns are listed, in the future further increases.

What sort of town I shall work at?

The town information has been listed in the each states map page.
You could have town information when you click the town name. There are travels, accommodation and local attraction introduction in each town information page for help your trip and living. I'm sorry most of the town is still under construction.

Sorry, most of the town is still under construction.


Please tell us about accommodation during work?

A lot of harvest jobs will jam in certain designated areas and time.
Typically, the farm has own transportation and farm accommodations, but it has come so often lacked in the peak season of harvest, because many people are working around the same time.

Please search accommodations at the town information page.
Very important matter is checking the latest job information on the site and prior to arrive the town before start recruiting workers.
Do fast ! It is secure to have a job and accommodation.

Conditions of work?

Mission Statement, the climb up the ladder, standing all day, while sitting all day and or it continues to bend over or stand. In particular, the heyday work are required speed and careful. It makes you more tired.

Many of the harvest work will required work 6 days a week. Harvest will work at high-altitude or low.   In addition, most of the work outdoors, so the worker only be scorching sun.

Pay and conditions?

Australia's minimum wage by law is 15 dollars. So you can expect income more than it. However, there are many farms adopted payment system rather than hourly payment by the employer's policy. The basic wages payment is weekly. And also depend on the crop season; we had an information that there are persons who have got 2800 dollars per week by the apple tree pruning work at Stern Thorpe.


The only persons who held Tax File Number could work. Information is obtained online www.ato.gov.au, please check. You can get it directly from the site. Your Tax rate will calculat by work permit conditions. Your Tax will pay to the Australian Tax Office by farm owner.


If you have Working Holiday visa or workable student visa will have no problem to work. You should have working permit visa if you have not. More information is available online services www.dimia.gov.au please click!

Others, some notes.

☆ You should prepare clothing, shoes and others beforehand confirm the labor environment and weather conditions.
☆ Australia's rays of the sun might be your biggest enemy . The hats and clothing are important things. Sun screen cream 30+ and sun glasses are recommended.
☆ The most important require is water for not to get dehydration under the hot sun.
☆ You should eat and sleep well, it can be change the speed of work. And it will affect your income.
☆ The insects are generally present when harvesting. Please protect yourself by insect repellent.
☆ The accommodation is an importantissue in the small harvest towns. You should have contact a local farmer before moving to the town.
If you have a campers, car and tents, you may have job more quickly.
☆ you should have plan before you move to the next town.
This site will help you.

You may have job any time during year because Australia is a huge country. However, do not forget that you are looking a seasonal work jobs. You may have no desired work at the destination if you move there without accurately information.